Anuga Drinks A chance for start-ups

von Miriam Hebben
Dienstag, 01. Oktober 2019
535 exhibitors will be presenting their drinks in Halls 7 and 8.
535 exhibitors will be presenting their drinks in Halls 7 and 8.
Many large beverage manufacturers are traditionally absent from Anuga. This creates space for innovative newcomers to initiating business. The focus is on non-alcoholic drinks and, above all, new ones.

Manufacturers such as Coca-Cola and Krombacher are not sought after at Anuga - yet nobody remains thirsty. Around 600 exhibitors will be presenting in Halls 7 and 8 with short distances to the Boulevard of Inspiration. Anuga Drinks also focuses on innovative strength: many of the 60 German exhibitors alone are celebrating their debut. Start-ups use the opportunities to move into the focus of buyers from trade and gastronomy with their new trend drinks.

After all, in the past more than every second visitor to Anuga Drinks said that the trade fair was decisive or co-decisive for purchasing decisions. Of the almost 60,000 visitors to Anuga Drinks from 2017, almost half came from Germany - so it's no wonder that young companies with a national focus also see a good chance of initiating business. The focus is on non-alcoholic beverages and, above all, new beverages.

"We're at Anuga for the first time and already very excited," says Daniel Andreoli, co-founder of Frank Juice. "The reputation precedes the trade fair and of course we want to increase our presence with growing distribution in the food retail trade." The bundled exchange with decision-makers and customers attracted the company to the trade fair as well as the opportunity to present the products to a broad international audience. Frank Juice mainly makes cold-pressed juices, ginger shots and soups (H8.1/E115).

Frank Juice is by no means the only start-up company to use Anuga for the first time to draw attention to itself. Cucumis is one of the newcomers who have already achieved some fame with their cucumber and lavender lemonades, especially in the north (H7.1/D040). Thus the vegan soft drink was at times one of the top sellers at Edeka Niemerszein in Hamburg. Air up, whose water is supposed to taste solely from the scent, also offers a taste of food or, better still, smell at Anuga (H7.1./D040).

If you are worried that you won't find peace and quiet after a strenuous day at the fair, take a look at Snoooze (H8.1/D029a). The Austrians, in whose company Bitburger Holding also holds a stake, make a drink to help them sleep. For those who prefer refreshment instead of fatigue, the hemp lemonade Hemponade (H7.1/D040) is the right choice.

The Oettinger brewery shows that it is not only new players who can do something new. Pia Kollmar's company is using the fair to present its latest product access: Oettinger Hemp Kiss (H 8.1/E107). The combination of light beer, green tea, hemp and herbal components not only shows what a hemp-beer mix tastes like, but also where Oettinger's journey could take him. "We are mainly concerned with beer mixes and soft drinks. These are the current growth segments in Germany," says Peter Böck, Managing Director Sales. "Here we are keen to experiment and have some new products planned for 2020." In addition, the brewer wants to strengthen his export business - one of the reasons for the Anuga surcharge.

Well-known exhibitors show product innovations

At Germany's leading Mineralbrunnem Gerolsteiner, foreign business is also the focus of the trade fair appearance (H8.1./E051- E059). "We are now using our presence at Anuga primarily for international business - to meet importers, maintain existing contacts and establish new ones," says Roel Annega, Gerolsteiner CEO since June. Gerolsteiner is the most exported German mineral water and even if foreign business contributes only 4 percent to turnover, he still sees a lot of potential. Because in contrast to Germany, Sprudel is hardly widespread in many countries. Annega: "As a result of the global health trend, our sparkling mineral water, Gerolsteiner Sparkling, is entering a market niche in Asia and North America."

The more well-known exhibitors also include the Austrian juice specialists Pfanner (H8.1/E041-E049) and Rauch (H8.1/E021-E029). The fair is a must for flavour producers, who benefit from the fast-moving trends in the beverage industry, the emerging start-ups and the pace of innovation of private labels. ADM Wild (H8.1/D010-E019) presents itself to manufacturers and dealers as well as Döhler (H8.1/A010-B019).

Tropextrakt (H8.1/D111), which imports exotic fruit juices and extracts for the processing industry, is also used by the trade fair for product presentation - from the citrus fruit Yuzu to the energy supplier Mate. "Anuga is a fantastic opportunity for us to show how we work - innovatively, individually, transparently," says Tropextrakt Managing Director Ingo Kniepert. To this end, the Frankfurt company is bringing its application laboratory to Cologne in a travel version, where visitors can try out and develop beverages. "We are an innovation hotbed by its very nature, and that's what we're bringing to life here."

This text was originally published in German and machine-translated into English.

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