Plant-based campaign Veganuary comes to Germany

von Denise Klug
Montag, 06. Januar 2020
In the new year the veganuary will be available at a large discount store.
In the new year the veganuary will be available at a large discount store.
UK-based organisation Veganuary gets active in Germany and has prompted some retail heavyweights such as Globus, dm and discounters to start vegan promotions.

The times when the retail trade focused on diets and sports at the beginning of the year may be over. Because there is a new theme that gives hope for buying impulses in the lucrative time of good intentions.

2020 is the first year where German consumers can commit to 'veganuary', which means changing their diet to vegan in the month of January. The campaign is organized by a non-governmental organisation of the same name, supported by various celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone or comedian Kaya Yanar.

"The main goal is not that one person becomes particularly vegan, but that a large impact is achieved by the participation of as many people as possible worldwide", explains the Veganuary CEO Ria Rehberg. The goal is to have 350,000 participants register on the organisation's website in 2020. The CO2 savings would then be equivalent to 450,000 flights from Berlin to London, according to Rehberg

The initiative has its origins in the United Kingdom. After five successful years, the organization has now activated German companies for the first time, said Rehberg, including retailers, who will be highlighting their vegan product ranges at the beginning of the year.

Aldi draws attention to the veganuary in the current advertisement.
Aldi draws attention to the veganuary in the current advertisement.

  • Discounters Aldi Nord and Süd are already starting in the first calendar week with special offers, offline and online, with a focus on vegan juices and 'spritzers' that have not been clarified with gelatine. Further offers are to follow.
  • Hypermarkets Globus and Famila Nord-Ost have corresponding special offers, according to the Veganuary Germany boss.
  • Drugstore operator dm is planning promotions with its own brand dm Bio in stores and online.
  • Drugstore chain Rossmann is also involved, directly at home in Großburgwedel. The employees take part in the "Workplace Challenge", which means employees will change their diet while working in the offices, accompanied by corresponding content on social media.
  • Pizzeria operator Mundfein Pizzawerkstatt is introducing purely vegetable alternatives at all locations, including all pizzas with the vegan cheese alternative from Simply V (Hochland).
  • Consumer goods manufacturer Dr. Oetker is reportedly planning far-reaching campaigns around the purely herbal cream Vega.

The Veganuary team wants the Monthly Challenge to be held annually in Germany from now on. "To be honest, however, we hope that the veganuary will abolish itself at some point because then it will have become normal that vegetable products are part of the diet," says Rehberg. "But until then, we'll definitely keep at it."

This text was originally published in German and machine-translated into English.

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